Riverview Cemetery

Riverview Cemetery Dedication Ceremony

October 15, 2017
2:00 PM

Thanks to the members of our community who joined us recently to celebrate the completion of the Riverview Cemetery fencing project, advancing our Preservation initiative in the Julia-Ann Square Historic District.

The ceremony included re-enactments of famous people interred in Riverview Cemetery, followed by a reception at the First Presbyterian Church.

The 19th century Riverview Cemetery, located at 13th and Juliana Streets in Parkersburg, WV, was originally on the Cook Farm, established in 1795 by Captain Joseph Cook, one of the earliest settlers of what eventually became Parkersburg.

Several important figures in West Virginia history, including former Governors, are buried at the Cemetery.

The Julia-Ann Square Association has been working to preserve the Cemetery, located on the edge of the District, intending to restore the fencing and repair tombstones at the cemetery, among other projects.

Kelleyn McClain portraying Miss Lily Irene Jackson in Riverview Cemetery historical re-enactment


Kelleyn McClain:  Portraying Lily Irene Jackson

Robert Enoch:  Portraying Henry Logan

James McClain: Portraying Governor William E. Stevenson

Kyla McLaughlin:  Portraying Bella Smith



Juliana Street Entrance
Riverview Cemetery


First Presbyterian Church
1341 Juliana Street
Parkersburg WV




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