Neighborhood good for tourism

The Julia-Ann Square Historic District recently conducted its annual Garden Tour and Tea. It was a great success for the neighborhood, bringing in needed proceeds, which help to enhance the district.
Many may not realize, but the district’s residents have had an active homeowners’ association since the 1970s. This association meets monthly to discuss business, coordinate neighborhood activities and money-raising events such as Christmas and garden tours.
The association is a not-for-profit entity, thus subject to government rules and regulations. Residents volunteer their services managing the association and sitting on community boards in various positions. Recently the association has been involved in obtaining grants to help supplement the proceeds brought in from our events.
The district’s master plan, finalized in 2002, called for several improvement phases to the neighborhood. One of the final items in the plan is sidewalk restoration. The sidewalks were in a deteriorated condition for several years.
Combined with grant money awarded to the district from the state and county, district residents’ contributions and the association’s matching amount, the district, in partnership with the city of Parkersburg, are repairing the sidewalks. This is a wonderful example of how all the stakeholders can benefit when they work together to preserve and maintain a valuable asset in the city.
The Julia-Ann Historic District is a large draw for tourism in Parkersburg and together with many other historical elements and groups in and around Wood County, help bring needed revenue to city and county coffers through taxes and other fees generated by small businesses, retail establishments and tourist attractions.
The Julia-Ann Historic District residents appreciate those who attend our events and help to keep the district alive. We would also like to recognize those who understand the value of a neighborhood such as ours and how it contributes to the vitality of Parkersburg and Wood County.
Ruami Dyck

Category : In The News Posted on June 26, 2011

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