About Us

Although the bustling metropolitan area of Parkersburg-Vienna-Marietta-Belpre now includes nearly 165,000 residents,  visiting Julia-Ann Square will return you to an era of gracious living, with wide porches, spacious gardens, and sumptuous architectural examples throughout the neighborhood.  Please join us for one of our incredible tour experiences each year and help support the ongoing preservation of this important cultural heritage.

The district association is organized as Julia-Ann Square Historic Community Association, Inc., a tax-exempt nonprofit 501.C(4) organization.  The goals of the organization are to implement a long range master plan to restore the district to its original splendor.

The Julia-Ann Square historic District is one of the showplaces in the city of Parkersburg, reminding citizens and visitors of the history of the Mid-Ohio Valley.  Parkersburg is a city with a rich past,  home to many early state government officials, prosperous merchants, and professionals.

Throughout the year,  the district attracts many visitors from other states and countries as well as local citizens who come to take a magical step back into history and experience the beauty of this area.  The Christmas Tour of Homes,  the Spring Garden Tour, and the Riverview/Cook Cemetery Tour (a tribute to the famous people buried there, including former West Virginia governors), are just a few of our events.  Each year, the district organization distributes approximately 4000 Walking Tour brochures, which gives some idea of the popularity of this event alone.

Photos on this site courtesy of: Jeremy Bungard, Shawn Critzer, Bruce Ludford, James McClain (McClain Photography)